Was The Antonio Brown Pats Move Planned All Along?

It was early Saturday afternoon when the news broke. Human head case Antonio Brown, after peeling feet, helmet whining, calling the Raiders general manager a “cracker,” and videotaping a chat with Jon Gruden, he was finally released by the Oakland Raiders. Within moments, however, Brown had already landed a new home: the New England Patriots. And it wasn’t a “let’s chat,” – the receiver inked to a one-year deal that could be worth $15-million – including a $9-million signing bonus.

Given Brown’s flightiness and Patriot’s reputation for cheating to get what they want (allegedly)… there are more than a few people who think the whole cry-baby-poopie-pants drama in Oakland was just a ploy to put this whole scheme in motion. Here are some of the Tweets that went out over the weekend.

  • “People I’ve talked to in the league think was intentional. He wanted out and go to NE. Not sure I’m buying it”(Michael Lombardi/”The Athletic”)
  • “I just got a text from someone I trust in the league and they believe this was all coordinated. That at some point AB got word that Pats would sign him if he ever got released.”(Robert Littal/”BSO Sports”)
  • “It took the NFL 100 seasons to produce a story like this.”(Adam Schefter/ESPN)

If it was orchestrated, it’s slimy has hell, brilliant, and only fitting that the Patriots get him.


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