What You Can Expect At The First Space Hotel

The Von Braun Space Station from the Gateway Foundation says their wheel-like design will have three rings:

  • An inner one for docking and unloading of passengers and cargo,
  • An outer one for free movement for crew and passengers,
  • A “habitation ring” filled with modules and structurally supported by the other two rings.

In the habitation ring, they say you’ll find luxuries like you’d find on a cruise ship like fine dining, bars, entertainment, low-gravity trampolining, and gym and all that other good stuff – not to mention a view unlike any other. And it’s not SUPER far fetched. After all, most of the tech is already in use on the International Space Station, they hope to be up-and-running by 2025…and they’re looking to host up to 10-thousand visitors per year.Strangely, they still don’t have a price point for all of us to gawk at in awe and wonder.

Source:Gateway Foundation

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