Weird Laws You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

While most of us try to be law-abiding citizens, some of us may be breaking the law and not even know it. That’s because some states have some strange laws most people probably never knew existed, and many of them are rather odd.

Well, now Business Insider has gathered up the strangest ones they could find, and there’s a good chance you may be guilty of some of them (at least if you lived in that state).

Weird laws you probably didn’t know existed include:

  • In Alabama, stink bombs are outlawed
  • In Arkansas, you can't honk your horn near a sandwich shop after 9 p.m
  • In Delaware, it's illegal to whisper in church
  • In Florida, you can't wear masks or hoods covering the face in public (although it’s not enforced for “holiday costumes” so Halloween is safe)
  • In Georgia, it's forbidden to eat fried chicken with a knife and fork.
  • In Kansas, tire screeching is illegal
  • In Louisiana, it’s illegal to take someone else’s crawfish.
  • In Maryland, you can't swear in public (Rockville, Maryland to be specific, comes with a $100 fine)
  • In Montana, you can't have a pet rat
  • In Nebraska, you can't get married if you have an STD
  • In New Hampshire, you can't pick up seaweed off the beach
  • In North Carolina, drunk bingo is banned (What’s the point of playing then?)
  • In Pennsylvania, it's illegal to feed your cat or dog less than once a day
  • In Tennessee, you can't share your Netflix password
  • In Wisconsin, cheese has to be delicious, or at least "highly pleasing"

Source:Business Insider

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