Spam Has an Entire Line of Merch

I know to most Halloween is just an excuse to dress like a sexy kitten or sexy pirate or sexy nurse, but why would you when a legit Spam can costume exists? As it turns out, Spam actually has an entire online store of branded merch. I'm talking hats, sweatshirts, pajamas, backpacks, aprons—the works. The whole shop ranges in price from $6 bandanas to a $48 hockey jersey. And while naturally, we'll need to stock up on Spam flip flops and visors, the Halloween costume is the real show-stopper here. "You'll be the hit of the party as you become a life size SPAM can," the product description reads, and THEY'RE RIGHT. It's one size fits all, has arm and neck holes, and costs 45 bucks. But this kind of wow factor (and costume contest winning potential), is priceless, no?

Source: HERE