An Italian Region Is Paying People To Relocate There

The Molise region of that country has 106 villages and a population under two thousand wants to beef up its population and they’re willing to pay. Here’s the deal: if you move there and start a business, you’ll get 770 dollars a month for up to three years.

Regional Councilor Antonio Tedeschi proposed the idea and says "I want my region to undergo a renaissance and avoid its authentic villages turning into ghost towns."

Applications are being accepted beginning Monday. Tedeschi notes "Newcomers are free to kick-start anything they please in order to get our financial support: a small inn, restaurant, bar, B&B, a tiny rural farm, artisan boutique, library or shop selling local gourmet excellences." You’ll have 60 days after moving there to apply for your moving allowance.

Sounds like it could be a perfect place to live!


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