Neiman Marcus Is Selling A Hot Dog Sofa

When decorating your home, finding the perfect couch is certainly important since most people spend plenty of hours on it either watching TV, sleeping or just hanging out. And while most of us are looking for a comfy one, thanks to Neiman Marcus folks can now get their hands on one that is totally unique, and looks like your favorite snack food. 

Believe it or not, the luxury retailer is now selling a hot dog sofa that costs $7,100. The hot dog sofa is basically shaped like a big bun, with hot dog, pickle and tomato pillows, although according to the Italian design company Seletti, which makes the sofa, the pillows are sold separately, so to get the complete look it will set you back even more.

While currently out of stock on Seletti’s website, Neiman Marcus is still selling them, with a shipping date of no later than December 6th, with shipping costing an additional $295.

  • And who would want a hot dog without a hamburger? Turns out Neiman Marcus is also selling a hamburger chair from the same company, which costs $4,950 plus $250 for shipping.


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