Designs Revealed For New Space Hotel

The Gateway Foundation just released plans for the Von Braun Station, a cruise ship-style hotel to float among the stars. They are aiming to get the hotel off the ground by 2025 and make it fully operational by 2027.

And for those of you prone to sea-sickness (or space-sickness), senior design architect Tim Alatorre says it’s all good. The rotating wheel design of the Von Braun will create a simulated gravity. With a maximum capacity of 450, Alatorre also says it’ll be the most environmentally friendly vacation you'll ever have. “There's no amount of water or trash or waste that is going to be discarded,” he explains. “Everything will be recycled, reused, stored, converted to some other form."Finally a vacation you can kick back, relax, and drink a stranger’s recycled urine!