Pizza Hut Has Created Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

It's like fast food chains and snack food brands had a giant orgy and now we're seeing the babies that were made. There was the Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell, the Cheetos Sandwich at KFC, and now there's this . . .

Pizza Hut just announced it's teamed up with Kellogg's to create a new CHEEZ-IT PIZZA.

Basically, they look like ravioli: They took dough, gave it the Cheez-It flavor and color, and then stuffed it with cheese.

From the picture, it looks like they're pretty small, so they're more like mini calzones than mini pizzas.

If you're interested, they're on sale now for a limited time at Pizza Hut. You can get a four-pack for $6.49.


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