There’s A New Live-Action 'Friday the 13th' Game

Frustrated with the choices people make in horror movies? Think you could outsmart a crazed murderer? Put your money where your mouth is – Camp Crystal is open for victims.

A new “Friday the 13th” themed escape room has opened at a campground in Arizona that challenges you and your friends to “survive a night with Jason Voorhees.”

To take down the machete-wielding killer, you’ll have to solve puzzles within the time limit. If you can escape, you’ll not only win your life, but also a t-shirt. (Wheee!)

One note: you must be 18 or over to participate and the free pre-game meal is optional. Makes sense – Jason might be a psychopathic murderer, but neither he nor his mama want you to run around in the woods hungry.

Source:Inner Splendor

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