How To Have Public Sex…Without Getting Caught

Having sex in public can get you into a lot of trouble, but so can texting and driving and everyone still does that. So while no one’s condoning this activity, there are some ways to get your groove on outside without getting caught. We are not suggesting you engage in illegal activities ... so do not listent o these tips on how to get freaky outside the bedroom…starting with:

  1. Water Sex. A pool is a decent spot to great your freak on outside since the water acts as a kind-of wet privacy blanket. Ocean, lake, or pond sex may seem erotic but there is a high-risk of urinary tract infections so she says to stick to a well-maintained, chlorinated swimming pool at nighttime. Maybe the deep end of a hotel pool after everyone clears out.
  2. Changing Room. Make clothes shopping suck a whole lot less and try a changing room for a romp session. She does say there is a high degree of difficulty with this one since most are monitored closely. Best bet is to go very early on a weekday when it’s not heavily populated.
  3. Movie Night. Go to a loud movie during a time no one else is in the theater. Make it look like your partner is sitting on your lap just in case an unlucky part time employee checks in on things.
  4. Take A Hike. Get out and explore the woods while exploring each others bodies. Tree, boulder, meadow, the world is your bed now! Just don’t forget your blanket and to check for other hikers and ticks.

The full list of places Ask Men recommends for public sex also includes Public Bathrooms, Parked Car, Airplane, Taxi, and Parks.But not that you do any of these things, but if you got caught, it was your idea, and you’re the one going to jail.

Source:Ask Men

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