“Batman” Props Up For Auction

As we’re officially in the midst of the 80th anniversary of “Batman,” it would only make sense that some auction would be happening. That auction will kick off on September 30th through Prop Store. If you’re a bat-fanatic with some bat-cash you’re willing to blow, you could land some pretty sweet bat-gear.

  • Autographed Bat-a-rangs from the original TV series (est. $49K - $74K)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer’s “Catwoman” cowl and “costume components” from “Batman Returns” (est. $7.5K - $9K)
  • Tommy Lee Jones’ “Two Face” top hat from “Batman Forever” (est. $3.5K - $6K)
  • Jack Nicholson’s “Joker” costume from “Batman” (est. $37K – 60K)
  • Jim Carrey’s “Riddler” costume from “Batman Forever” (est. $12K - $18.5K)
  • Michael Keaton’s “Batman” costume (est. $148,000)

Check out all the other goods at Prop Store.

Source:Prop Store

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