Bulgarian Woman On-Pace To Have The Biggest Lips In The World

Andrea Emilova Ivanovais a woman with a dream. That dream is to have the fullest lips of anyone on the planet. Judging by the Bulgarian model’s Instagram page, that dream is well on its way to coming true. Ivanova has invested over $2,500 into 15 lip procedures. As a result, her lips are now three-times the size of mere mortal lips…and those lips, if wetted properly, look as if they could be permanently stuck to any smooth or glass aquarium surface.

She says that in Bulgaria, big lips are very much “in fashion right now” and she has no intention of letting up on inflating them. Her 16,000 + Instagram followers are very much into her lip action and are encouraging her to keep it going…some have even offered marriage proposals.

Andrea says there’s no real way to determine what’s “too big” or “too small,” though…she only knows that she likes it and that’s all that matters. We just hope no one is sitting too close to the stage if she ever decides to sing “Bad To The Bone” on karaoke night. That would be deadly.

Source:New York Post

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