Do You Really Need a "Pillow Bra" to Fight Cleavage Wrinkles?

Cleavage wrinkles. Are they actually a thing? And do we really need something ELSE to worry about? Well one company thinks you SHOULD be insecure about your cleavage wrinkles . . . and they just so happen to have a solution you can buy. A company called Sleep&Glow is selling a product called the "pillow bra." Basically it's a small pillow you strap between and around your breasts at night to hold them up in a comfortable way while you sleep.

And according to the company, you just NEED this pillow . . . or else. Quote, "Wrinkles on your neck and chest appear during sleep. During the day, your bra supports your chest, reducing the effect of gravity. But at night . . . breasts still need support, albeit from a different angle."

The reaction to the pillow has NOT been kind on social media . . . one person tweeted, quote, "I do not have the energy to worry about another kind of wrinkle" and another tweeted, quote, "We age, our skin wrinkles. It's life."

But if you still want this pillow, it's on sale on Sleep&Glow's website for $69. 

(New York Post

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