Five Weird Things You Can't Carry on to a Plane

Today's the best day to book plane tickets for Christmas, according to a study out this week. Now here's something for the actual day you fly: Five weird things you're not allowed to carry on to a plane . . .

1. Magic 8 Balls. Because of the liquid inside.

2. Bowling pins. So if you're a professional juggler, you'll have to check them. Bowling BALLS are okay though.

3. Cast-iron cookware. Because it's heavy and could be used as a weapon.

4. Pool cues. Again, because they're like a weapon. Hockey sticks, ski poles, and lacrosse sticks are banned for the same reason.

5. Cooking sprays, like Pam. Because aerosols are flammable and might explode. 

Now here are a bunch of weird things the TSA explicitly says you CAN carry on to a plane: 

Antlers . . . fake skeletons . . . rocks . . . a football helmet . . . a tea kettle . . . fresh eggs . . . a Geiger counter for measuring radiation . . . Cheese graters . . . Harry Potter wands . . . a license plate . . . a live fish . . . a microwave, if the airline's cool with it . . . a parachute . . . and your own inflatable life vest if you don't want to use the one under your seat.  

(Huff Post/TSA)

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