Theory Of A Deadman Shares Single, Sets Release Date For New LP

Theory Of A Deadman will release its seventh studio album, titled Say Nothing, on January 31st and has shared the first single and video, called "History of Violence." The clip tells a story of domestic violence in which a woman endures an abusive husband as long as she can before fighting back, ending up in jail but free of him at last.

Frontman Tyler Connolly said about the track, "'History Of Violence' tells the sad story of a girl trapped in a life of domestic abuse, leaving her with what she feels is the only way to escape. Even though she's in jail, it's still a better place to be than being imprisoned in real life by this man."

The rest of Say Nothing is apparently Theory Of A Deadman's most socially and politically conscious effort yet, as the Canadian act comments on domestic violence, racism, the divisiveness in American politics and more.

Guitarist Dave Brenner remarked, "I look at the record as a microcosm of our current era. It's a reminder to look inward at what's happening and what we're becoming . . . At the same time, music is still an escape. Maybe we can give the world a little solace and encourage everyone to treat each other better."

Theory Of A Deadman will begin a headlining U.S. tour this Friday (September 27th) in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Story source: press release

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