Del Taco Selling Essential Oils to Fill Your Home with Churro Aromas

Some food brands have attempted to dive into the dense world of couture, often with lacking results. Others have sought to indulge the senses, fusing the heady pleasures of dining with the everyday. For Del Taco, which previously lavished the public with French fry-scented soap, the latter is key. After all, how can one enjoy their meal if the mind and/or body are unsound? To encourage this, and also to promote a new milkshake, Del Taco is introducing a more holistic approach to food company merch:

Break out the diffusers, because it’s time to saturate your home with the divine scents of chocolate, vanilla, and perhaps most valuably of all, cinnamon churro. Alongside its Mini Churro Dipper Shake, the aromatherapy kit will be available beginning Tuesday, October 1st. The kit will run $1.49 (plus shipping and handling), so as the outdoors grow colder and less hospitable, it’s time to draw a nice bath, lather up in some fry soap, and surrender to the heady delights of snack food smells.

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