Thai UFO Group Says Aliens Will Save Humans From “Armageddon”

A woman in Central Thailand –Ajarn Wassana Chuensumnaun if you wanna give her name a go – says she’s having regular conversations with in little green men from outer space. Part of the UFO Kaokala group, the group’s dozens of members are true believers that the space-beings are here and have been communicating with her and the group for over two decades.

Since 1998, Wassana and her sister say they’ve been chatting it up with aliens that hail from Pluto and another planet they call “Lokukatapakadikong.” The “loku-kongs” – we’ll call them just because it’s easier and more fun to say – are “your standard humanoid large-headed greys,” where as the beings from Pluto take the form of a kind of gas…and there’s no confirmation that they’re more likely to show up after a spicy Thai feast.

Unfortunately, the “sacred ritual location” where they hold their chats with the aliens was disrupted when local authorities raided it to put a stop to their interstellar shenanigans. Wassana doesn’t care – she says the conversations will go on. That’s because the aliens are here to help keep mankind from destroying itself…rather than having any desire to destroy us.Considering the state of the world, let’s hope they figure it out soon.


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