A Woman Dies at Age 102, Gets Charged an Early Termination Fee

This woman lasted longer on this planet than most people ever will. But she still bounced too early for at least one corporation.

A woman named Isabel Albright from San Lorenzo, California died in December at age 102.

And when her family was recently going through her final mail, they found a bill from DirecTV . . . charging her a, quote, "early termination fee."

That's right: Even though she died at AGE 102, they still charged her family $160 to get out of the two-year contract she'd started so her nurse would have something to watch.

DirecTV kept saying the family had to pay up . . . until Isabel's family went to the ABC station in San Francisco to tell them what happened.

THEN DirecTV agreed to waive the fee, saying, quote, "We have apologized to the family and resolved this." 

(ABC 7 - San Francisco)

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