Which Fast Food Chain Has the Cleanest Bathrooms?

Business Insider took a survey of 3,000 of their readers (in particular, the readers of its fast food coverage) to determine which fast food chain has the cleanest bathrooms overall.

The people have spoken and the winner is Chick-fil-A, with 55% of the vote. (That’s enough to win a regular election!) In descending order, the others are In-N-Out (30%), Starbucks (27%), Panera Bread (21%), Culver’s (20%), Chipotle (15%), Whattaburger (11%), and Five Guys (10%). Business Insider did not explain its methodology or what the precise question was or whether there was some sort of ranking system. McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway barely registered in this poll.

Chains, as we all know, can vary, and the cleanliness of individual locations can, too, depending on the time of day and how long the line is and if they can actually spare someone to go back and scrub the john.

Source: HERE

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