Women Reveal The Things Men Do That Creep Them Out

When going out for a night (and looking for the ladies), guys apparently need to learn to read the room better. That’s what a group of women who contributed to a thread on Reddit say when it comes to things guys doing that creep them out.

  • When hitting on a co-worker, asking once is enough. If she doesn’t respond, then pestering her for years isn’t exactly going to warm her over to you. In the movies, that can be viewed as romantic and persistent. In real life, it can be viewed as harassment and a visit to HR.
  • Another lady said that when someone who isn’t quite a friend all-of-a-sudden whips out the “do you live alone” question, it’s a real freak out moment and feels stalker-esque.
  • If you’re on a plane, you might feel the need to strike up a conversation with the woman next to you…but some conversations need to end. Prolonging it might feel polite or chivalrous, but if she puts on headphones while you’re talking you should probably take the hint.
  • Blocking the walkway or exit while she’s trying to leave because you’re not done talking to her is also a bad move. That goes double for following her to her car – especially while you’re driving alongside her talking to her while she walks.