Airbnb adding "Airbnb Animal Experiences."

Airbnb has officially announced that they are adding a new category to their "Airbnb Experiences" called "Airbnb Animal Experiences." In that subcategory, you can choose out of 1,000 experiences involving all types of animals from all over the world.

Some of the trips they’re offering are ones you couldn't even imagine in your wildest animal fanatic dreams. For example, you can go to Scotland and have tea and crumpets with some "naughty" sheep named Hamish, Dougal, Benny, and Lochie. In the "Meet the Sheep" section of the page, it explains "these cheeky creatures enjoy snuggling, eating grass, and interrupting humans while they’re enjoying afternoon tea."

If you want to head to San Francisco, you can sign up to have a picnic with Pickles the pig (and his brother Dill the dog) and enjoy snacks and frolicking in the park while he does tricks. All you have to do is sit there falling in love. The best part? At the end of your date, you'll get an art canvas exclusively made by Pickles. If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to drink tea with sheep or to have sandwiches with a pig, this is your chance. You'd be crazy not to take it. Go and live your best life!

--Would you like to dine in the presence of farm animals? Or would you be living on a farm if that were the case?

--Do your “wildest animal fanatic dreams” just boil down to sheep and pigs? If you could truly hang out with any animal, what would it be?

--Bit Idea: We take a call from a medieval peasant who talks about actually living in the same tiny hut with all of their domestic animals. “They’re like family, who poop right there.” Good opportunity for someone to do a Monty Python-style accent.

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