Man Invents Special Glasses That Let Short People See Over Tall Friends

Dominic Wilcox decided to help all of us shorties. What did he do? He invented a pair of glasses that will give short people a vital height advantage. Think of it as a pair of periscope glasses. The ‘One Foot Taller Glasses’ effectively add 12 inches to your height, turning you into a visible tower. Or just a freak with very, very, weird glasses. Still, props for thinking of us Wilcox.

According to the inventor, the glasses are made from sheets of mirrored acrylic bent. The smaller mirror is positioned upward at a 45-degree angle towards a large mirror which then points outward. They were first shown at the Extraordinary Solutions to Everyday Problems exhibit, which is a D&AD festival in London. He shared several photographs of his creation on his social media, showing how to exactly use them. Wilcox studied at London’s Royal College of Art, saying that although some people get thrills from bungee jumping or scoring a goal at Wembley, his thrill from coming up with these creative ideas.

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