Farmers Have The Best Sex Lives

If you’re looking for mind-bending, toe-curling, and chill-giving sex, a new study from the sex toy company LELO UK says you should be looking at your local farmers. According to their research, farmers are getting it on more often and are better at it than doctors, architects, lawyers, and hairdressers.

According to their numbers, one-third of farmers say they’re getting their fields “plowed” at least once a day. In addition, two-thirds of them rate themselves as “incredible” when it comes to doing the bone dance and never fake orgasms. It’s hard to argue with someone holding a pitchfork.Other findings of note are:

  • Doctors were the one who most embraced “quality over quantity.”
  • Just over one-fourth of lawyers admitted to “faking an orgasm” –go figure…a lawyer who lies.
  • Teachers and lawyers are having the least sex.
  • Having the most sex (in order from most to least):Farmers, Architect, Hairdresser, Advertising, Lawyers and Teachers
  • Professions that rate themselves as 'incredible' in the sack(in order from most to least):Farmer, Doctor, Architect, Laborer, Advertising

The creators of the story reason that a more physical job might make you a more physical person and lover. Those sitting behind a desk all day, on the other hand, might have a more lethargic approach to life and love making.

Source:Daily Star

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