A Haunted Village Had To Cancel Ghost Tours After Church Complains

Imagine being considered the ‘most haunted village’ in England but being forced to abandon your ghost tours after local church officials complained about the ghosts. Picturesque Prestbury is very well known around the world for its paranormal disturbances and is considered one of the spookiest places in Britain.

Stories have been told for years about the village that include spurned lovers, phantom horse sounds in the dead of night and chilly breezes at the height of summer. The most legendary story is of a mysterious figure called the 'Black Abbot', who is a hooded figure who endlessly roams the yard at St Mary’s church. 

Tourists from far all over have visited for years to enjoy the Ghost Tours in the Gloucestershire village. But that all is coming to an end after a local church that is near the village has stepped up their complaints. Reverend Nick Bromfield said these tours are not Christian and he doesn't want any poltergeist hunters near his church nor does he want any of the stories of ghosts to reach the children of the town. 

Source: Yahoo

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