Which Horror Franchise Has the Most Nudity?

If you haven't picked out all the scary movies you're going to watch this Halloween season, what are you waiting for? Maybe you're waiting for me to tell you which ones have the most NUDITY.

Well, Mr. Skin put together a list, and the Horror movie franchise with the most T&A is "Witchcraft".

And you have a lot to choose from, because there are 16 of them. Yes, 16 entries in a franchise you've never heard of, spanning from 1988 to 2017. All straight to video. It's the longest-running interconnected horror franchise.

But since there's hardly anything about it worth watching, let's disqualify it and move on. 

Here's the rest of the list, re-imagined without"Witchcraft". . .

1. "Friday the 13th": 12 movies, 39 nude scenes.

2. "Hellraiser": 10 movies, 24 nude scenes.

3. "Wrong Turn": 7 movies, 17 nude scenes.

4. "Piranha": 5 movies, 16 nude scenes.

5. "Hostel": 3 movies, 14 nude scenes.

6. "Silent Night, Deadly Night": 6 movies, 14 nude scenes.

7. "Halloween": 13 movies, 13 nude scenes.

8. "Amityville": 23 movies, 9 nude scenes.

9. "Nightmare on Elm Street": 9 movies, 8 nude scenes.

According to Mr. Skin, Horror has LESS nudity than Drama, Comedy, Crime, and Action.

In fact, Dramas have the most nudity, with almost FOUR TIMES more than Horror.

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