NFL Conspiracy Theory Says Monday Night Refs On The Take

You’d think the officiating in the NFL would’ve improved after last year’s blown call in the NFC Conference Championship game where the Saints got jobbed and the Patriots went to the Super Bowl. You’d also be wrong for thinking that. Case in point? Monday night’s game between the Packers and the Lions.

First, there was there no call when the Packers had 13 men on the field at the 5:22 mark of the 2nd quarter. Then, there were the two 4th quarter “hands to the face” calls where it was clear there were no hands in the face either time. Those two calls resulted in ten points and a Packers win. It also resulted in pissed off fans who want this mess looked into.

Among those fans,Desmond Howard. The player -turned-ESPN analyst had some simple yet pointed words for the NFL and their officiating crews. “The refs need to be investigated,” he’s offered over Twitter. “This is horrendous. Check bank accounts. #NoExcuses.” To be clear, Howard was the Super Bowl MVP when he played with the Packers and ended his career with a few years with the Lions…so its doubtful team loyalty is at play with his statement.


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