Exercising Before Breakfast Burns Twice as Much Fat

A new study in the U.K. found that working out first thing in the morning BEFORE you eat breakfast burns way more fat.

Researchers spent six weeks tracking 30 men who were overweight or obese. They all ate the same foods, and did the same workouts.

The only difference was some of them worked out before breakfast, and some worked out after.

And in the end, the ones who exercised first burned TWICE as much fat.

It works because exercising on an empty stomach forces your body to burn stored fat instead of using calories from food.

Both groups actually lost roughly the same amount of weight during the study. It's not clear if that would hold true on a longer timescale or not. But the guys who worked out before breakfast saw more benefits to their OVERALL health.

The biggest one was it increased their ability to respond to insulin, which slashed their risk for diabetes and heart disease. 

(University of Bath)

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