Halloween-Themed Pornos To Get You In The Spirit Of The Season

If the internet has proven anything, there’s no holiday you can’t combine with porn. Here are a few titles you can look for to get your horror-boner on with.

  • Horny Beasts –People in wolf masks and dressed as devils getting it on.
  • Spectro-Phelia –If you’re going to get “ghosted,” this is the way to go.
  • Can Vampires Smell My Period?– We’ll just let that one bask its own juices.
  • Hunt Me, Catch Me, Eat Me –For those into “furry” culture and bunnies.
  • His Funeral –A girl has to be allowed to grieve in her own way.
  • My Abduction Fantasy –Speaks for itself.
  • Intruders –For those into the man-love.
  • Dirty Doctor –No, he’s not a proctologist.
  • The Gardener –Her lair is kind of like that of Poison Ivy of “Batman” fame.
  • An Appointment With My Master –What “50 Shades” might’ve been like had there been actual sex in it.

Source:Men’s Health