‘Third Floor Sam’ Has Strangers Sending Him Free Beer at Work

An office worker in Grand Rapids, Mich., has a very effective way of getting free drinks. The best part is, he gets all the beverages while he’s at work. Diners at New Holland Brewing’s Knickerbocker have noticed a sign hanging from a third-floor office in the same building as the restaurant. The sign, which reportedly stands several feet tall, says: “Please send beer to Sam on floor 3. Thank you!” The third-floor office is rented out by Media Place Partners, an advertising agency. And that sign? Well, it seems to work.

According to the general manager of the Knickerbocker, Eli Harper, more than a few customers have indulged the office worker. “We keep the score updated there at 85,” Harper said. “That’s the current count of gifts he’s had in about a year.”

The famous Sam from the sign is said to be Sam Hoats, who works as a senior digital strategist at Media Place Partners. He claims to have been inspired to make the sign while seeing advertisements while watching a soccer game. Hoats said, “So I’m looking up at where my desk is and thinking, Man, could I angle some text and make it readable?’” Since the success of the sign, Harper claims that the restaurant might introduce a “Third Floor Sam” brew over the next few months.

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