10 States Whose Most Popular Halloween Candy Is Odd

It's no surprise that various regions around the US have different preferences when it comes to Halloween candy. What is surprising is that the most popular seasonal confections in certain states are, well, not typical. A new interactive map by Candy.com, based on 12 years of data on sales of bulk candy, that shows Skittles is not only the No. 1 candy nationwide, but also in seven states. To no real surprise, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, M&M's, and even the often-polarizing candy corn also rank high in some states, while in others, the top candy pick is decidedly more unusual. Here, states where the collective sweet tooth gets creative:

·Arizona: Hot Tamales

·Indiana: Hot Tamales

·Louisiana: Lemonheads

·Montana: Dubble Bubble gum

·Nebraska: saltwater taffy

·New York: Hot Tamales

·Oklahoma: Dubble Bubble gum

·Virginia: Hot Tamales

·Washington: saltwater taffy

·Wyoming: saltwater taffy

Source: HERE

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