Here Are the Best New Emojis You Can Use for Sexting

In case you didn't hear this, Facebook and Instagram can now flag your account or even kick you off if you use emojis like the eggplant and peach in a sexual way.

So . . . it's time to pick some new emojis we can use for sexual purposes. And right on cue, Apple is introducing almost 400 new emojis in its latest update for your iPhone.

Of course, not all of them are good for your filthy purposes . . . but some definitely are. Here are our picks, although some may only fit in very specific sexual situations . . .

1. A person kneeling.

2. A Speedo.

3. An oyster.

4. Fingers pinching . . . which could also be suggesting small genitalia.

5. A coconut.

6. A plate of falafel.

7. A razor.

8. Goggles and a snorkel. 


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