Tea Lover Buried in Coffin Designed to Look Like Box of Her Favorite Brand

A tea lover from the United Kingdom arranged for her final resting place to be a coffin designed as a box of her favorite brand, according to a report. Tina Watson, 73, had her unusual last request fulfilled at her funeral when she was buried in a red Typhoo tea coffin. Watson’s daughter said she gave specific instructions before her death, objecting to a typical wooden coffin.

“I want to be buried in a coffin that looks like a giant box of tea bags,” the mom reportedly said. The request was fitting for the tea enthusiast, who guzzled as many as 40 cups of tea a day, the outlet reported. “It’s typical of mom,” her daughter Debs Donovan said. “She had a wicked sense of humor and drank about 30 or 40 cups of tea a day, every day.” Guests watched as the custom coffin, which read “Typhoo: Great British Tea since 1903,” arrived in a hearse at the Gilroes Crematorium.

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