Fisherman Hooks 313-Pound Bluefin Tuna With Help Of Shark

A California fisherman found himself in the record books after hooking a monster fish and got an assist from a shark in the process.

Mark Lawler was on a two-day fishing excursion off the coast of Newport Beach when he managed to reel in one of the biggest bluefin tuna ever caught in the state. And he's got a shark to thank. 

He ended up catching a 313.6-pound bluefin tuna, which is now the largest tuna ever landed on the charter boat he was on as well as the largest ever caught in the state. 

Apparently the fish was giving the fisherman quite the battle until a shark swam by and bit the bluefin tuna's tail off. At that point, the fish made it really easy for the fisherman to pull it out as it swam directly towards the boat and away from the shark. 

Source: Fox News

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