Some Roku Devices/Samsung TVs Lose Netflix On December 1st

As of December 1st, there will be a “loss of support” due to “technical limitations” that’ll make your old school device useless in the Netflix world. There’s been a frustrating “lack of transparency” as far as what specific devices will be obsolete with the platform, but if you’re not able to use the “auto-play” feature to go from show-to-show…you may have an issue.Here are the devices we know will have a problem:

  • Roku 2000C
  • Roku 2050X
  • Roku 2100X
  • Roku HD
  • Roku SD
  • Roku XD
  • Roku XR
  • Any other Roku without auto-play
  • Samsung televisions from 2010 and 2011 with a “C” or “D” in their model code.

Source:Life Hacker