And Now The Mac & Cheese Turkey

For the last few years, Reynolds Kitchens has offered up some extremely creative ways to serve a Thanksgiving turkey: 2017 was the year of the chip with recipes for a Flamin' Hot Cheetos Turkey, a Cool Ranch Dorito Turkey, and a Funyuns Turkey. The following year, the aluminum foil brand mixed things up with Mountain Dew-brined and glitter-covered birds. This time around, they're keeping things kind of classic, but still fully genius.

The first is dubbed the Mac & Cheese Turkey. It's pretty simple to make, and all but ensures even if you overcook your bird it won't turn out dry and flavorless. Reynolds recommends coating the turkey in the powdered cheese mixture from your favorite boxed mac & cheese, giving it a nice umami flavor. BTW, as the recipe indicates, wrapping the turkey fully in Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil keeps the turkey and cheesy coating from over-browning in the oven. Then, you serve the whole bird over a bed of mac & cheese, because if Thanksgiving has one important food group, it is obviously carbs.

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