The Best Picks For Streaming Services

Through the year, the streaming market has become over-saturated with options, and it’s hard to know which to run with…and what plan to choose. The experts over atGizmodowent through them all and gave their rankings and recommendations. 

  • Best Netflix Plan –The standard plan ($12 monthly)
  • Best All-Around Streaming Service –The Disney+ bundle ($13 monthly)
  • Best For High Quality Movies/TV –HBO Now ($15 monthly)
  • Best For Live TV –Hulu + Live TV ($45 monthly)
  • Best For Live TV Sports –FuboTV ($50 monthly)
  • Best Free Streaming Service –Kanopy
  • Best Streaming For Art House/Classics –The Criterion Channel ($11 monthly)
  • Best For Documentaries –CuriosityStream ($2 monthly)