Dark Chocolate Can Produce The Same “Feel Good Vibes” As Weed

Researchers at University College London have found another benefit to dark chocolate. They looked at over 13,600 people and the effect dark chocolate had on them. They found those who “toked up” on one half-ounce sliver of dark chocolate were 70% less likely to report being depressed.

It’s not just because most people really like chocolate, either. It turns out that dark chocolate has “psychoactive ingredients” that can produce “feel-good vibes” comparable to what people who enjoy the pot. And for the record, they found the mood enhancers are far more prominent in the dark variety than in its milk chocolate counterpart.

So eat up before you toke up? On the plus side, there’s the fact that dark chocolate isn’t illegal anywhere. If a cop pulls you over, it’s not like you’re going to be busted for chocolate trafficking or possession. Just don’t try and roll it up and smoke it…not because of any psychological effect…but because it would melt all over you and then you’d be depressed because you wasted all of it.

Source:University College London

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