Inventor of 'Sourtoe Cocktail' Passes Away at 89 Leaves His Toes to the Bar

Dick Stevenson, who came up with the idea for the off-putting drink in 1973, passed away on Nov. 14. He stipulated in his will that all 10 of his toes would be donated to the Dawson City hotel's bar where the drink is served.

Stevenson, who often went by the nickname Captain Dick, thought up the idea for the Sourtoe Cocktail — a shot of whiskey garnished with an amputated, mummified human toe — in 1973, after buying a cabin and finding that the previous owners had left behind a jar containing a preserved toe. The idea became the basis for the Sourtoe Cocktail at the Downtown Hotel’s bar and the drink so far has been served to around 93,000 customers.

Following Stevenson's passing, the Downtown Hotel issued a statement about "one of the Yukon's most colorful characters," saying that he will be missed. Stevenson's daughter said that in addition to her father’s 10 toes, the Dawson Hotel will be displaying his ashes by the bar, in a special toe-shaped urn that he commissioned before his death.

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