A New Version of Uno Promises It'll Keep Politics Out of Your Thanksgiving

Are you afraid of all the political talk that could happen at your family's Thanksgiving? And you just KNOW that people will use any flimsy excuse to take the conversation that direction?

Well, Mattel is pitching a solution . . . in the form of a new version of UNO.

They just released "Nonpartisan" Uno. What does that mean? They took out all of the red and blue cards and replaced them with orange and purple.

And they added a new "veto" card to the deck . . . which you can play to skip someone's turn if they start talking politics.

I'm not sure this version of Uno will cure your family's political divide, but hopefully it'll distract everyone for a while to keep things peaceful. If you want it, it's only available at Walmart. . . and it was out of stock last we checked. 


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