Nerf Gun, Yeti Teddy Bear Make Most Dangerous Toys List

A Nerf dart gun, ice cream-scented Nickelodeon slime, and a plastic Power Rangers claw are among the toys topping a consumer safety group's list of worst toys for the holidays. World Against Toys Causing Harm unveiled its annual list Tuesday. A realistic toy machine gun, a "pogo trick board," a yeti teddy bear, and a pull-along caterpillar toy for infants also made the list. The nonprofit has been releasing the list for more than 40 years. It says many of the products present choking, eye, and other safety hazards frequently found in poorly designed toys. It also cites the products for having inconsistent and inadequate warnings labels.

The organization says the Nerf Ultra One gun, which is billed as firing soft darts up to 120 feet, shoots the projectiles with enough force to cause eye injuries. It also says the warning label on Flybar’s Pogo Trick Board tells children to wear protection, but the packaging features a child using the device without protection. And Nickelodeon’s Frozen Treats Slime includes mint chocolate chip and berry smoothie-scented versions of the goo even as it warns the products contain harmful chemicals and shouldn't be eaten.

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