“I will not be silent!"

Anyone who has ever gone to a department store with their significant other during the weekend can certainly feel for this guy. 

A husband who was fed up with his wife’s hours-long trip at Target has gone viral after creating a hilarious public sign pleading for help.

Jeremy Tuck shared a photo of himself holding the sign in the parking lot of the Atlanta-area Target. 

The sign was celebrated by many on social media. It read, "NOT HOMELESS ... WIFE IN TARGET 2+ HOURS ... PLEASE HELP!"

He also captioned the photo: “I will not be silent!

The post generated 25,000 reactions on Facebook, as well as 138,000 re-shares. The viral photo also generated hundreds of comments.

“Should've just stayed at home and let your woman be!!” one Facebook user commented.

Some people suggested that rather than standing out complaining about his wife’s shopping, he should instead join her.

His wife eventually joined the fun and wrote, “I mean what do you expect from someone who even had a surprise Target baby shower!! #targetforever.”

Source: Facebook

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