How To Drink Like A Grown Man

There comes a time when downing fifteen Jager-Bombs and chasing them with a pitcher of beer just isn’t cool anymore. That’s when you’ve made the decision to drink like a grown-up and not a frat boy. With just a few simple steps, you can make that leap into the world and elevate your alcohol game to a more refined crowd.

  • Step One –Learn what your drink is. If you know tequila makes you rip off your shirt and start randomly punching people, it’s probably best to stay away from it. To save face, however, make sure it’s not a girly cocktail like a Cosmo, or you buddies will never let you hear the end of it.
  • Step Two –Stick with what you know. It’s okay to get talked into the signature cocktail by the cute girl at the bar who talks to you occasionally, but staying true to your taste is a key to responsible drinking.
  • Step Three –Cut back on the shots. If you’re going to get a shot of something, make it classy and sippable (or only do one). If you’ve got to shoot it, it probably isn’t that good and you’re getting it simply to get hammered rather than to have a good time.
  • Step Four –Remember, the worst hangovers come from dark booze, so pace yourself.
  • Step Five –Real mean don’t show up to where they’ve got to be the next day all bloodshot and wobbly. Even if they did overdo it, they don’t show it because of the risk of being viewed as a lightweight.

The bottom line is to learn your body. It’ll tell you what your speed is if you listen, and then you can just enjoy the ride into adulthood!

Source: BroBible

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