Ways To Incorporate Gym Equipment Into Sex

The home gym can be a wonderful place to burn off some steam, work out aggression, and stay in shape. It can also be an erotic wonderland with the special someone if you know what you’re doing. Here are a few sexual positions that incorporate gym equipment for when that couple’s workout takes an erotic turn.

  • The Wild Pony –That yoga ball can be a good time. She gets on it stomach first and supports herself with her hands. Then, you come up behind, straddling the ball and getting into a comfortable position and take control.
  • The Dive Bar –She hangs by her hands from the chin-up bar with her legs around you. You use your manly upper-body strength to support her, while she does that magical wiggly thing she does so well.It’s great for a quickie, but requires serious stamina for the long haul.
  • The Treadmill Split –The arms of that treadmill are for more than just hanging your laundry. Help her lift up and drape a leg over each one. It’s probably best to make sure it’s unplugged and supported against a wall.
  • The Anti-Gravity Ball –The yoga ball strikes again. She lays all the way back on the ball and basks in the glory of your mighty tongue. All while feeling weightless as she’s supported by the ball.

With these, you’ll have one more use for those towels…and please…do take time to wipe down the equipment. It’s just polite.

Source: Men’s Health

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