A YouTube Account Is Just a Guy Playing Fruits & Vegetables as Instruments

This YouTube channel goes by the name of "Pupsi," but the man behind the magic is Toni Patanen from Finland, according to his YouTube bio. And he covers hit songs using fruits and veggies. "Here I'm going to post vegetable content in the name of memes," his bio continues. Which he does indeed.

Patanen shows how he makes the food instruments, or as he refers to them, "ocarinas." Ocarinas are small wind instruments, not totally unlike a flute. He hollows out the fruits and vegetables and carves out strategic holes in order to play them. He shows his entire artistic process, which includes him testing out the "instruments" to hear their pitch before correcting it if need be.

In his most recent video, Patanen quite flawlessly covers Smash Mouth's "All Star." He uses a watermelon, what appears to be a spaghetti squash, and edits in sound bytes from his carving to add different layers to the beat. Patanen has also covered "Africa" by Toto because is it really a meme if he didn't? He's also done other hits like Darude's "Sandstorm" and "Mask Off" by Future.

Source: HERE

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