Minor League Baseball Players Can Now Smoke Weed

Although it’s still being negotiated as part of the new opioids’ agreement with Major League Baseball, it looks like the minor leaguers may soon enjoy their pot in peace. According to MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal, marijuana will be removed from the league’s list of banned substances.

At the moment, it’ll put them in-line with their big league counterparts, who are now only tested if there’s “probable cause.” And then the only penalty will be a treatment plan and a fine of up to $35K – a suspension only if the terms of the treatment are violated.

Speculation is that the move is a result of the death of Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Tyler Skaggs. As you might recall, Skaggs death was due to a nasty cocktail of fentanyl, oxycodone, and booze. Relying on narcs is far more dangerous than firing up a joint or popping on edible to deal with the daily pains of being a pro athlete. This all goes well, it’s a safe bet the NFL is going to be taking notice of this move…hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Source:Ken Rosenthal

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