Man Quits Starbucks Job with an EPIC Song All About How Much His Boss Sucks

There are few things in life better than finally being able to quit a crappy job. Most of us, hoping not to burn bridges, are forced to settle with a grudgingly polite two-week notice when it’s time to leave a terrible gig behind. But not Anesti Daniels, who announced he was quitting Starbucks by coming to the store with a guitar and singing a song about how his boss is a scumbag.

He calls for everyone’s attention and, saying he has “a song for my manager,” begins singing verses about not wanting “to work for someone who treats their employees like sh*t” and how he’s “found a way better job.” The best part, aside from how great a rallying cry Daniels’ “F**k this, I quit!” chorus is on its own, is when he publicly airs out his boss for being a jerk. “You can take that time that you tried to get the company to fire me for doing something that you told me to do,” he sings quickly toward the end. “Or that time that I said that I wanted to work towards a promotion but you laughed in my face and you said that I am never getting a promotion ... and shove it up your large bumhole! (Sorry, venti bumhole.)”

See video here: