Lingerie Football Is Getting Re-Branded…Again

About a decade ago, one of the most brilliant ideas in sports was born. We’re talking, of course,about the Lingerie Football League. It was created from what was first just a pay-per-view halftime show during the Super Bowl from 2004 through 2006. The seven-on-seven football extravaganzas featured scantily clad athletic women grunting it out on the gridiron, with an occasional mid-tackle wardrobe malfunction. 

There was a change in 2013 when the league was rebranded as the Legends Football League. In this version, the ladies were required to wear “more performance-related apparel” on the field. Still, it looked like they were running around hitting each other and tackling in their panties. Now, there’s going to be another re-branding, and in 2020 you’ll be on the lookout for the Extreme Football League.

This announcement was made just a couple of days after the Legends League announced it wouldn’t be returning. Billing itself as a “new era in women’s empowerment,” the X League will kick off in April, with the women who play in the league getting “ownership equity as they build their tenure in the sport.” To start, there will be eight teams duking it out, with a growth plan of 24 teams eventually. The league highly encourages tailgating, and there’ll be meet-and-greets with fans after each game.Are you in?

Source: EXTFL

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