Eddie Murphy Returns to SNL

Eddie Murphy was back on Saturday Night Live in Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood— a spoof on Mister Rogers’ program in a different section of town. This time, the issue of the day was gentrification. Mister Robinson explained to the “boys and girls” that gentrification is “like a magic trick: White people pay a lot of money and then — poof — all the black people are gone.” His white neighbors paid $1.2 million for an apartment “where Mister Robinson’s friend Frankie used to cook crack,” he pointed out.

Murphy managed to cram all of his favorite characters from his days on SNL into his return to the program after 35 years. Buckwheat — Murphy’s over-the-top version of the character inLittle Rascals— popped up as the surprise guest in The Masked Singer. Of course, he was wearing a giant corncob disguise. Buckwheat reassured the audience that he’ll always be “otay.”

Murphy’s dislikable Gumby turned up on Weekend Update to scold hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost for not having him on immediately. Velvet Jones was featured in a Black Jeopardy sketch in which he repeatedly plugged his book I Wanna Be A Ho— or some variation. When he was asked if he was aware of the Me Too movement, Jones responded: “Of course. You like ‘hoes’? Me, too,” he replied.

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