Tiramisu-Flavored Oreos Are Coming In 2020

It seems like almost every day that Oreo comes out with something new for us to try, guess, or otherwise obsess over. The latest? Oreo confirmed that a Tiramisu flavor will be coming to shelves near you in 2020.

While we don't know too much about the newest addition to the Oreo line-up, according to packaging posted online, it looks like it will feature traditional chocolate cookies, along with two layers of creme, which Oreo called Tiramisu-flavored creme. Because tiramisu features mascarpone creme and coffee-dipped lady fingers, we can assume one layer will be classic or vanilla creme and one will likely be a coffee flavor.

Oreo confirmed that these would be coming in April 2020, so we do have a while to get excited about it. In the meantime, we still have Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut Oreo cookies coming in January 2020 (which is like, now!) as well as the return of Most Stuff Oreos. Life as an Oreo fan remains very thrilling!

Source: HERE

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