Charmin Is Unveiling A Robot That Will Bring You Toilet Paper

The Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas this week, and Charmin has utilized the platform to introduce us to a new robot they are working on.

The big toilet paper producer Charmin unveiled their "RollBot" which is a self-balancing robot that connects to your phone and delivers you a fresh roll if you catch yourself in situation where the last person didn't refill the roll.  The robot has a version of the Charmin bear as its face as well.

It's not clear how the bear-faced robot, which has no arms, hands or thumbs, is able to grab a fresh roll out your pantry and bring it to you but that's an issue for next year's show. 

Charmin also revealed "SmellSense," a sensor that can tell if a restroom will likely gag or keel you over from asphyxiation due to the activities of the previous occupant. The device also connects to your phone and can alert you before you head to the bathroom.

Source: CNET

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